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July 6th, 2023
Let’s Be Onyx
7360 Laurel Canyon Blvd - Bldg B
North Hollywood, CA 91605
Let's Be Onyx: A New Creative Think-Tank Shaping the Future of Pop-Culture
North Hollywood, CA - July 6th 2023 - Let's Be Onyx, is a new cutting-edge powerhouse collaboration of five accomplished entities, all with a rich history of pop-culture success. Sharing vision and decades of collective experience, Let's Be Onyx will create unique pop-art collecting experiences and provide services to talented emerging artists and new and existing brands with collaborative access to creative, production and distribution opportunities to share their visionary work.
Let's Be Onyx’s mission has two fundamental pillars. The first centers on authentic representation through sculpts, graphics, and products that embody the best in EVERYONE while simultaneously breathing new life into classic intellectual properties and original brands.  By combining expertise and innovation, the team at Let's Be Onyx revitalizes pop-culture icons and pioneers fresh narratives that resonate across diverse audiences.
“Our team is playing on so many levels. We are consistently sparking wildly creative ideas, while showing reverence for classic icons and making a statement with how we represent people from diverse backgrounds and their culture.” – Acori Honzo  
The second pillar focuses on empowering emerging artists and brands. Offering access to unparalleled experiences and cutting-edge tools, Let's Be Onyx delivers a platform for aspiring creatives to share their visionary imaginations. Through mentorship and collaboration, Let's Be Onyx fosters a vibrant and increasingly inclusive creative community.
These two pillars underscore our motto “EVERYONE HAS FUN!”

“As a kid, I rarely saw toys that looked like me. So, it’s a dream come true for black and brown characters to take their rightful place alongside beloved childhood heroes. I feel like I am in a time machine, going back to honor the kid in me.” – Kwamé Holland  
The founding members of Let's Be Onyx comprise five entities:
Acori Honzo and LaWanda Shepherd (from the House of Honzo) - Philadelphia based artists renowned for their figural art celebrating the historical figures, culture, and lore of the African American community.
Kwamé Holland - A world-famous rapper, producer, influencer, and pop-culturalist, who brings his unparalleled creativity and unique perspective to Let's Be Onyx.
Atomic Toybox Entertainment - Led by Michael Polis, a renowned producer of film, TV entertainment, and consumer products, Atomic Toybox Entertainment is poised to shape the future of pop-culture with Let's Be Onyx.

GoHero - Led by Steve Forde, GoHero is an esteemed team of artists, designers, and producers known for their groundbreaking licensed collectibles and original pop-art products, as well as their strategic creativity for iconic brands.
Disburst – A prominent distributor and brand activator in the designer toy space, boasting strong connections with top retailers, artist tastemakers, production studios, and led by Scott Kuenzli.  Scott brings multiple decades of experience in the software, visual arts, and retail industries, having cut a path through all three from ground floor entry to strategic leadership over his professional careers.
Let's Be Onyx is excited to announce its debut at the renowned San Diego Comic Con 2023 at booth #2549. Attendees can expect a showcase of new original projects and licensed collaborations that epitomize the cutting-edge creativity that Let's Be Onyx stands for.
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For media inquiries, interview requests, or further information, please contact:

About Let's Be Onyx:
Let's Be Onyx is a groundbreaking creative think-tank comprised of five accomplished entities with decades of award-winning experience in leading pop-culture projects. With a mission to revolutionize the industry through unique pop-art collecting experiences and empowering emerging artists and brands, Let's Be Onyx is at the forefront of shaping the future of pop-culture. By creating fresh narratives and promoting representation, Let's Be Onyx aims to inspire new ways of collecting pop-art.
About Atomic Toybox:
Atomic Toybox Entertainment, Inc. produces creative and interactive content for gaming, television, mobile, and consumer products, partnering with world-class distributors, broadcasters and producers. Founded in 2003, the company has focused on creating content with today’s emerging audiences in mind, crafted specifically so that they can be leveraged into multiple touch-points-to spark imagination wherever viewers go.

Headed by four-time Emmy nominated Michael Polis, Atomic Toybox is an independently owned and operated company and has offices in Los Angeles. Michael has a passion for creating projects in celebration of his Puerto Rican and Spanish heritage.

About The House of Honzo:
The House of Honzo is Philadelphia-based creative team comprised of husband and wife Acori Honzo and LaWanda Shepherd.
Acori is a multimedia artist who focuses primarily on sculpting and prototype development. His influences range from Basquiat and Norman Rockwell to comic book artist like Alex Ross. His works directly respond to the surrounding environment and uses everyday experiences, nostalgia and moments in history as a starting point.
LaWanda Shepherd blends both creative and business as Operations Manager for Depicting Our Peoples Excellence aka DOPE - the first Black high-end art figurine line. 
Together, they develop thought provoking projects that aim to honor the past and inspire the future of art and collectibles. IG @acorihonzo
About Kwamé:
Kwamé is a world-famous talented artist, songwriter, and producer. Kwamé first emerged on the music scene at large in 1989 at the age of 16 with one of Hip Hop's classic album, “The Boy Genius “ and “A day in the life” along with classic songs such as the Rhythm and Ownlee Eue, selling over 3 million records.

Working with his peers at the top echelon of the music industry, Kwamé produced on many multi-platinum albums garnering over 30 Million sales and has # 1 singles such as “On Fire" by G Units Lloyd Banks and Will Smiths "Switch" and Vivian Green’s “Get Right Back To My Baby”.  
In addition to working with music industry elites, Kwamé scores for television and film and operates MAKE NOISE RECORDINGS distributed by Universal Music Group.
Beyond music, Kwamé is trendsetter in fashion and pop-culture with the recent launch of Toy2sDay, his pop-collectibles channel. IG @kwamevision
About GoHero:
Since 2001, GoHero has been at the forefront of the vanguard movement in designer toys. GoHero produces consumer products in-house, bringing to market original IP, untapped licenses, and iconic art-driven collectibles. Additionally, GoHero collaborates and consults with select brands delivering innovative solutions. GoHero's award-winning works have appeared in print and online publications, TV, film, museums and sold in specialty retail markets around the world.

Headed by veteran strategist/artist/designer Steve Forde, GoHero is a family-owned business that continues to develop original IPs and collectible experiences based-on characters worthy of the pop-culture spotlight.

About Disburst:
Disburst Ltd works with creative artists and brands on the production, distribution, and strategic business growth connecting creatives with retail opportunities.  Founded in 2016, the company strives to bring the greatest range of creative products to the retail marketplace through relationships across hundreds of emerging and established brands and creatives facilitating an unparalleled diversity of expression in consumer products. 

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and maintaining facilities in Los Angeles, Disburst is led by Scott Kuenzli.

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